Neighbourhood Small Grants

RNSG applications for 2021 are now open!

What is a Responsive Neighbourhood Small Grant?

  • Vancouver Foundation‘s unique program to help build community and foster creativity during COVID-19
  • They are small grants of up to $500 available to individuals to develop projects that ease social isolation

What community needs do we want the projects to achieve?

  • ease social isolation of vulnerable people
  • build community resilience, foster inclusion and wellbeing
  • use, share, and exchange local assets and skills
  • must adhere to physical distancing guidelines
  • must only be carried out by people who live together
  • must take place out of or close to your own home
  • must be free to attend and participate

Examples of Projects

  • distributing care packages to seniors
  • storytelling workshops online
  • arts and culture skill sharing online
  • yoga and meditation sessions online
  • cooking demonstrations online
  • projects about health and wellness

Video: Sharing Skills and Knowledge

Watch the video to see how the previous Neighbourhood Small Grants program funded projects that shared skills and knowledge – then imagine your own version, carried out online to adhere to physical distancing guidelines.


Why should you apply for a Responsive Neighbourhood Small Grant?

  • To support adherence to physical distancing guidelines
  • To build your community’s resilience during COVID-19
  • To foster community connection and wellbeing
  • To share your passions with likeminded folks
  • To make new friends at the same time!

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