Responsive Neighbourhood Small Grants

Neighbourhood Small Grants

What is a Responsive Neighbourhood Small Grant?

  • Vancouver Foundation‘s unique program to help build community and foster creativity during COVID-19
  • They are small grants of up to $500 available to individuals to develop projects that ease social isolation

What community needs do we want the projects to achieve?

  • ease social isolation of vulnerable people
  • build community resilience, foster inclusion and wellbeing
  • use, share, and exchange local assets and skills
  • must adhere to physical distancing guidelines
  • must only be carried out by people who live together
  • must take place out of or close to your own home
  • must be free to attend and participate

Examples of Projects

  • distributing care packages to seniors
  • storytelling workshops online
  • arts and culture skill sharing online
  • yoga and meditation sessions online
  • cooking demonstrations online
  • projects about health and wellness

Video: Sharing Skills and Knowledge

Watch the video to see how the previous Neighbourhood Small Grants program funded projects that shared skills and knowledge – then imagine your own version, carried out online to adhere to physical distancing guidelines.


Why should you apply for a Responsive Neighbourhood Small Grant?

  • To support adherence to physical distancing guidelines
  • To build your community’s resilience during COVID-19
  • To foster community connection and wellbeing
  • To share your passions with likeminded folks
  • To make new friends at the same time!

During COVID-19, Responsive Neighbourhood Small Grants replaces the regular Neighbourhood Small Grants program.


Learn more about regular Neighbourhood Small Grants:

Banner for the Neighbourhood Small Grants 2020 showing a young woman growing plants for her community

Magic happens when neighbours cross the street and team up with each other to bring an idea to life. It forms friendships, makes our streets safer, and keeps us connected to others. The Neighbourhood Small Grants program helps residents of any age, experience, or background take part in building community.

What is the regular Neighbourhood Small Grant?

  • Vancouver Foundation‘s unique program to help build community and strengthen connections right where people live
  • They are small grants of up to $500 available to residents to develop projects that meet the needs of the community
  • Click here to get information in different languages (French, Spanish, Filipino, Chinese, Persian, Arabic, Punjabi, Vietnamese)

What community needs do the projects usually achieve?

  • Connecting and engaging neighbourhood residents
  • Sharing residents’ skills and knowledge within the community
  • Building a sense of ownership and pride
  • Respecting and celebrating diversity

Examples of previous projects, before COVID-19

  • Block or building parties to introduce new neighbours
  • Fence beautification and painting parties
  • Weekly Neighbourhood clean-up work parties that strengthen and sustain relationships over time
  • Neighbourhood Haunted house
  • Family Mini Olympics
  • Free yoga lessons, sewing or macrame workshops
  • Community kitchens where participants exchange their cooking skills and share meals
  • Community gardens
  • A historical tour of the neighbourhood

What is a Greenest City Neighbourhood Small Grant?

  • The Greenest City Neighbourhood Small Grant program is a partnership between the City of Vancouver and the Vancouver Foundation to help Vancouver become the greenest city in the world by 2020.
  • They are small grants of up to $500 available to residents of Vancouver to develop projects that contribute to the City of Vancouver’s Greenest City 2020 Action Plan.

What goals do these projects usually achieve?

  • Mitigating climate change
  • Promoting greener forms of transportation
  • Creating zero waste
  • Improving access to nature and planting trees
  • Breathing clean air
  • Making businesses greener
  • Clean water
  • Green buildings
  • Lighter footprint
  • Growing and eating local food

Examples of previous projects, before COVID-19

  • A “Neighbourhood Challenge” to track sustainable behaviours like measuring of household waste, food waste, and green transportation trips.
  • A “bike repair 101” session providing participants with knowledge and some basic tools
  • A “walking school bus” or “Bike train” with prizes or incentives for participation
  • Neighbourhood composting
  • Building a community share shed for tools, toys or appliances
  • A workshop on the benefits and care of trees providing a small tree for each participant
  • Building a community pollinator garden
  • A workshop on building nesting boxes for barn swallows with basic materials


Why did people apply for a Neighbourhood Small Grant?

  • To make a lasting impact in your community and environment
  • To build deep connections within your neighbourhood
  • To share your passions with likeminded folks and make new friends at the same time!

During COVID-19, Responsive Neighbourhood Small Grants replaces the regular Neighbourhood Small Grants program.


What if you already applied for a Small Neighbourhood Grant?

If you submitted a Neighbourhood Small Grants application for 2020, your community coordinator will contact you soon. You may discuss with them how to modify your project to suit the Responsive NSG criteria or opt to defer your project to when physical distancing requirements are lifted. The Vancouver Foundation is no longer accepting new applications for regular Neighbourhood Small Grants.

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