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Preteen & Youth Calendar – March 2023

Winter 2023 Programming


Our Preteen Adventures program is for preteens to hang out and learn basic life skills. Participants are expected to register for the program (although checking it out a couple of times first is okay too). The afterschool preteen program offers a little something for every preteen: sports, team building activities, culinary endeavors, stuff for girls, stuff for boys, swimming outings, and field trips.


We have an extensive and appealing range of programs and activities for preteens (ages 10-12), teens (ages 13-18), and young adults (19-24). Led by a multidisciplinary team, our programs offer young people to connect with their peers and community, while also providing a safe space in which they can develop their resiliency, life skills, a sense of self, leadership skills, and have fun at the same time. From movie nights to coffeehouses, hiking, kayaking, homework help and newcomer support, we try to meet the diverse needs of all young people who come to our neighbourhood house.

We are committed to making our programs accessible to all! All programs and activities are free and open for anyone to join. If you want to become a participant or to volunteer, please contact Danielle Verzosa at

Download your registration forms HERE.

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Youth Team

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Thanh Lam (she/they)
(English, Vietnamese, French)
Director – Youth & Newcomer Services
604.879.8208 ext 302

Ronja Flugge (she/her)
(English, Dutch)
Youth Services Coordinator
604.879.8208 ext 109

Shayan Abbaszadeh (he/him)
(English, Farsi, Dari)
Youth and Family Settlement Worker
604.879.8208 ext 319

Danielle Verzosa (she/her)
(English, Tagalog)
Youth Settlement Worker
604.879.8208 ext 301

Ian Ditchburn (he/him)
Youth Worker
604.879.8208 ext 303

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