If you want to have fun, meet new people, connect with other community members, build up your skills and give back to the community, volunteer with us! 

We are a volunteer-driven organization, relying on participation and contributions to maintain and deliver our programs. Learn more below! 

We value our volunteers

We are a volunteer-driven organization, relying on participation and contributions to maintain and deliver our programs. There are many volunteer opportunities within the House from helping in the kitchen to volunteering with house programs or assisting with administrative activities.

At MPNH we ask our volunteers to actively contribute to the achievement of our mission statement, vision and share in practicing our values. Volunteers help us to build a healthy and engaged neighbourhood by connecting people and strengthening their capacity to create change. Volunteers are an integral part of creating the MPNH community and we value each and every volunteer who spends their time with us. 
There are many benefits to volunteering at MPNH and the community at large. Below is a list of some of the benefits a volunteer can gain during their time at MPNH.

  • Gain new experiences 
  • Learn new skills and attend workshops 
  • Learn more about the community 
  • Meet new people and make contacts 
  • Stay involved while looking for work 
  • Have the opportunity to contribute to engaging the populations we serve and having a positive impact on their quality of life 
  • Enhance your resumé 
  • Obtain a letter of reference after three months 
  • Increase self-confidence 
  • Enjoy your experience while helping others 

Below is a list of programs where there are often volunteer opportunities.

Please note that evening and weekend programs at MPNH are limited. Most volunteer opportunities occur on weekdays during office hours – Monday-Friday 9am-5pm.
Some volunteer opportunities happen remotely and may require a device and access to the internet. Driving roles require a driver’s license and access to your own insured vehicle.
  • Driving – Meals Delivery and Medical Transport
  • Friendly Phone Calling
  • Income Tax Clinic
  • Yardwork Assistance
  • Neighbourhood House Ambassador – Front Desk
  • Digital Literacy Tutor
  • English Language Tutor
  • Homework Club Tutor
  • Workshop Facilitators
  • Special Events

We welcome new volunteers once a month at our monthly volunteer orientation.  
The volunteer onboarding process takes 4-6 weeks.

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Voices of Change: Volunteer Stories

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