MPNH Winter Appeal – 2022


Dear Neighbour,

This holiday season, we are asking for your help to support two of our most vulnerable populations: seniors and newcomer families with young children.  


Meals for Seniors

COVID-19 has been hard on everyone, but it has been especially challenging for older adults who continue to face more than their share of illness and isolation. What has also increased, whether due to high food prices or lack of transportation, is a persistent lack of access to high quality food.  


There are more older adults now facing food insecurity than ever before, and fewer resources to support them.  


In spite of this challenge, we are committed to providing older adults with good food prepared to nourish both the body and spirit. Over the last year, MPNH has provided 5700 meals to older adults in need. Meals are accessible  meaning they are low cost; and are provided either through meal delivery or by attending community meals at our House, where there is space social connection and fun (and Bingo!) 


We are appealing to you to help us provide meals to seniors who live right here in our neighbourhood. Your donation will provide accessible meals and opportunities to uplift and connect seniors in our neighbourhood. You can best support this program by setting up a monthly donation which will allow us to plan ahead and ensure we can continue to nourish and connect our neighbours in need. 

Imagine being a young mom who is new to Canada, new to the language, the culture, and the systems. Imagine learning to read English while raising a family, looking for work, and adjusting to a new place.  


This is where our unique Family Literacy Outreach (FLO) program comes in. We match trained, compassionate volunteers to work one-to-one with a mom so she can improve her literacy. Learning to read and comprehend English is essential to securing a job, navigating social services, and building relationships with others in this city. 


And here’s what is even more important and impactful. When a child of a refugee or immigrant mom sees her learn and thrive, they will too! Our dedicated team of inspiring volunteers is witness to the intergenerational impact of this program.  Helping mom with her literacy, sets her children up for success.  


But we need your help to sustain this program. It requires donations from people like you to create lesson plans, train volunteers, and host conversation clubs. Please consider setting up a monthly donation so that our coordinators and volunteers can plan in advance for this program to flourish into the next year.  


This holiday season, we are relying on people like you to support programs like these that make a big and direct impact on people’s lives. Please consider donating what you can to support your community.