Wearing his favourite checkered socks and his best pair of blue jeans, Dustin Hogan, a professional speaker and trainer joined the Wednesday English Conversation Class on March 7 to inspire us to set SMART (specific, measureable, articulate, realistic, and timely) goals.

Dustin is the founder of The Rock Star Academy and has dedicated his life to helping others pursue their dreams and be their best self! The entire class spent a couple of hours engaging with him as they set out new goals and created a plan for achieving those goals.

Many of us seldom take the time to go through the goal setting exercise, but Dustin inspired us to do it. He introduced us to ten habits we should try, as we go about tackling the goals we set. He also encouraged us to dream big, along with taking action.

You are welcome to join the class if you want to build stronger English skills, or come and join our volunteer facilitator team if you would like to work with the whole class. Please contact Lamin Kassama for more information.