We are happy to announce Matt Giammarino has been honoured with a Good Neighbour Award by Mount Pleasant Neighbourhood House and the Association of Neighbourhood Houses of British Columbia!

Matt received the award at the ANHBC’s annual Good Neighbours Awards in May, during Neighbourhood House Week.

Matt is an educator, entrepreneur, and researcher living in Vancouver. He works one-on-one with students from Kindergarten to college, supports teachers and schools, and consults with businesses of all types.

As a father who cares about society, he wants his work to help people of all ages, backgrounds, and abilities to learn well, use financial capital to do interesting and good things, and generally be happy and healthy.

In 2017, Matt came to Mount Pleasant Neighbourhood House with significant teaching experience and a great sense of humour. As a volunteer, Matt used his leadership skills to grow the beginners’ English Conversation Class from five participants per week to 30.

He touches people’s lives by helping them understand Canadian culture, and the tone and melody of the English language. He shares job search tips and supports people with resume and cover letter development. He also provides computer tutoring and free business consulting services.

Matt has demonstrated longstanding leadership in the broader community by creating programs such as tutor training for the UBC Disability Resource Centre and founding BrainBoost Education, an alternative school in Vancouver.

He is currently the owner-operator of Remix Your Education, an online platform that offers for-credit courses for up to 1,000 B.C. high school students each year.

Matt has dedicated many volunteer hours to the House. His joyful approach to learning inspires and uplifts the participants, staff, and volunteers he works with every week. Matt shows how much he cares about everyone, whether they’re making grilled cheese together in the kitchen, or learning to sing Neil Young songs.