To celebrate Mount Pleasant Neighbourhood House, we’re sharing stories from our program participants, staff, and volunteers about what makes our House so special.

Here, our first ever youth programmer Carol White imagines what the future might hold for our House and our neighbours.

Listen to Carol’s story here or read below.


In this particular neighbourhood, it is a bit tricky.

At first, we were a “sketchy” neighbourhood. It was a neighbourhood with real inner city challenges.

There were some real social issues around immigration. It was really challenging, because there was no way to make good social connections. Also there was a lot of drugs because we were a port city and there was street prostitution.  

Now, we have a neighbourhood that has been highly gentrified.

All the condos going up are changing the landscape. Just the height of the buildings alone makes it feel like a completely different neighbourhood.

Right now, you can still get a glimpse of the harbour and see a glimmer of a cruise ship. That will change too.

I grieve the loss, but everything changes. Wherever you are will be different in 30 years’ time.

The people moving in on my block have also really changed. There is demographic of young people who are trying to find their way.  

How can the House appeal to these people experiencing a changing economy? Gentrification is just squeezing people.

In the Eastside, there are more seniors per capita—not forgetting children are also impacted.

We will all feel some version of gentrification. It will be really interesting to see who can stay and how they stay in place.

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