To celebrate Mount Pleasant Neighbourhood House, we’re sharing stories from our program participants, staff, and volunteers about what makes our House so special.

Here, former co-chair of our Community Board, Chris Thorne, shares his happiest memories of festivals at our House.

Listen to Chris’ story here or read below.


I’ve had so many favourite moments with the Neighbourhood House! I would say a recurring favourite moment would have been the festivals that we put on in the Fall.

We first started with the Harvest Festival and that became the Metamorfest. They were all outdoor festivals.

We just had so much fun! There were so many different activities.

You’d have a silent auction and other fun activities inside the House with music, and then bands and performers outside.

You’d have the seniors group that would do some line dancing for us. We also had the Seniors singing as well.

It was a blast! The diversity with these festivals was abundant!

There’d also be different booths of different organizations that were set up there too, so they could promote their own organizations, and promote the community that way too.  

This was really a time for entertainment and music, but it had so many different facets to it too.

Seeing people dancing and having a great time in front of the Neighbourhood House was great fun. Also seeing neighbours recognizing each other and chatting together was awesome.

It’s a pretty big thing to put on, for sure and the staff at the House made it all happen. I think that was one of my most favourite parts of being Chair was hosting these festivals for the House.

It’s just been so much fun really to get to meet new people in the neighbourhood.

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