To celebrate Mount Pleasant Neighbourhood House, we’re sharing stories from our program participants, staff, and volunteers about what makes our House so special.

Here, former program participant Robynn Bunch explains why our House’s moms’ group was so important to her.

Listen here or read below:


Back in the 1980s, I was a single mum and I used to be be part of the Neighbourhood House moms’ group.

I don’t think it was specifically a single moms’ group, but we used to do potlucks together. We’d come and have a meal and it was actually kind of neat.

At that time in my life, it wasn’t necessarily my thing. But I think it was good, because I wanted to surround myself with other moms and maybe learn a few things!

I didn’t know a lot about being a parent, so it gave me a chance to see what other people were doing and how they were doing it and getting ideas and stuff. It was a good thing.

Mount Pleasant Neighbourhood House was a good place to go. I think without it, who knows what I could’ve gotten into?

I do know people around me that didn’t come here, and they got into a lot more trouble! So I think it kept me out of a lot of trouble, absolutely!

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