During our preschool re-boot in October 2021, we realized how different things are and how challenging it is to share information and documentation since parents are discouraged from coming into the room due to COVID-19. We heard of Storypark, a documentation sharing app that enhances the program, shines a light on what goes on in preschool and highlights how their children use their time at preschool. This meant a lot to us, as educators, and millennials, as we live in the time of sharing, and we greatly value inclusion. Now, the families are included! And we really love that.

On StoryPark, only the educators can add the immediate household, but the families can choose to add more people. Anyone in the system can see the documentation that their child is involved in, and they have access to commenting, making connections, and contributing to the process of document sharing.

It is easy to use, affordable and engaging. We are grateful to have this platform, as it has enriched our program and curriculum. It gives us a beautiful space to share confidentially and carefully while allowing the families to be included.


I’ve really loved the use of Storypark by our preschool teachers. It’s hard for my three year old to remember all the fun things she does in preschool so with the visual stories the teachers post on Storypark, it’s like getting to be a fly on the wall to see all the adventures they get up to in their class.



I love everything about Storypark! Every parent wants to know, how their kids behave when we’re not around, so it’s priceless to see and read about how they’re acting at preschool! I always rush to check out the photos and read the stories when I get an alert from Storypark!



Storypark is our favourite night time story. We all as a family enjoy reading and watching what our son did at his preschool. He is always interested and excited to hear the story. He also gives us more details about what happened 🙂 We are simply enjoying it. Thanks Laura and Marina! That was really a great idea that makes parents keep up with their little ones and know what they are doing, it sometimes bring to their mind some new interests that parents couldn’t discover before.


– Marina Hok
Early Years Coordinator