Tech 2 Enable

Your extra computer can be your neighbour’s pathway to the world

Tech 2 Enable is an MPNH campaign aimed to collect laptop and desktop computers for our Digital Literacy participants. Our goal is to ensure that the low-income/isolated families and seniors have the resources they need to connect with their loved ones and are able to apply the skills and knowledge they have acquired in our program.

Through Digital Literacy Project, we have organized 18 workshops, and 56 (1-1 tutoring) sessions to over 150 participants and taught them basic computer skills. During these workshops, we realized that many of these families have been struggling with supporting their children’s schoolwork, obtaining government services, and developing their literacy skills overall, due to school closures and lack of resources. In addition, our seniors are facing high levels of isolation in a time when most social opportunities are online. Even though we were able to obtain and distribute over 40 tablet and laptop donations to most families and individuals in need, there is still a huge and urgent demand for digital devices in the community.


We would like the devices to meet the following criteria:  

Good, working condition
Compatible with Windows 10 or IOS systems

We would like to encourage you to support these families and also spread the word about this initiative. We are accepting donations until February 28, 2021. If you are willing to donate, please contact Nicole at / 604.671.8208