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Community Development

Our Mission

A strong community is dependent upon the minds, hearts and hands of all its members. At Mount Pleasant Neighbourhood House, we play a vital role in fostering a safe and healthy neighbourhood, with a view towards how we can enhance community development in all we do.

Focusing on community strengths and assets, we work with our neighbours, community partners and other organizations to implement a broad range of activities based on community needs and priorities.

Our approach includes innovative ways to involve participants in civic processes, and to build capacity—to develop and expand the potential of individuals to become the best that they can be —in our community through mentoring, training, and connecting activities. We also play a key leadership role in many community processes that engage our partners in strengthening our community.

We invite you to explore our projects and check this page often for updates and links. Better yet, get involved!

Stories from our House

Sock it to literacy!

Keep your Keep your feet cozy, and give your heart the warm fuzzies by helping people at our House reach their full potential with literacy skills. With thanks to Decoda Literacy and Blue Sky Clothing! Stock up on...

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How posters in Canadian cities are whitewashing systemic racism

by Denise Wong for City News 1130  NEW WESTMINSTER (NEWS 1130) – Police in New Westminster have opened an investigation after signs reading ‘It’s okay to be white’ were spotted near Douglas College this week. Vanessa Woznow saw the poster on a telephone pole on...

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